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Help Me! Projects is a non-profit undertaking located in the Greater Toronto Area, Canada that dedicates its services to provide the public with sonography medical services, to promote health care services or products, to relieve poverty in developing countries and to provide education, counseling and other support services for immigrants and refugees on Canadian culture and life.

How it all began

So it all began on the day in January 2016 when Fouzia and Shabina went back home and were witness to some harrowing and stressful images at the Civil Hospital.  They experienced firsthand the sorrow and desperation of a community that needed “all hands on deck” to lift them up.


This visit was the crucial beginning point for both. Who knew that it was destined that they as expatriates, were to provide all help that they could muster, to assist the overly crowded and impoverished conditions of the destitute and terribly depleted health care facilities of Karachi.  


Fouzia and Shabina came back home to Toronto and struck a group of enthusiasts who were fired up to help and assist in the project.  Hina Ashraf came right in and joined the duo to make it the Awesome Trio that we have now become.

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