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Shabina Arfeen


Shabina Arfeen immigrated to Toronto, Canada in 1996 to this land of opportunity, peace and well-being.   She has worked since 1998 for some of the city’s reputable community based non-profit organizations.  Shabina went back to school as an adult learner and completed the Canadian Human Resources Professional (CHRP) certification in 2010.

Each year, each experience and each event has drawn Shabina to her destination…..Help Me! Projects

Fouzia Akhtar


Fouzia Akhtar immigrated to Canada in the year 1998.  She completed her Canadian Pharmacy Licensing exams through hard work and diligence.  After qualifying and becoming a full-fledged pharmacist practitioner, she went on to own a Shoppers Drug Mart store.  She has become a successful entrepreneur of Toronto. 

At this stage Fouzia has decided that it is time to give back to the community which has brought her to her destination…….Help Me! Projects

Hina Ashraf


Hina immigrated to Canada in 1996. She acquired her Pharmacist license from the Ontario College of Pharmacists.  Hina attributes the success she and her family have attained to two key elements:

  • Do good to others and good things will happen to you.

  • Always remember where you came from to humble yourself.

Hina says that she couldn't have made it this far without the support of her family and community. She reiterates that at the end of the day everyone is family. This feeling has brought Hina to her destination......Help Me! Projects

Meet The Directors

Adnan Alvi

Adnan Alvi, joined Help Me! Projects as our fundraiser expert and executed two very successful annual galas which helped the organization to fulfill its commitments and deliver its goals.  Adnan comes with a lot of experience as Financial Planner specializing in retirement income planning.   He has served the community for the last 12 years.


Muhammad Alam

Muhammad M. Alam is the founder and Managing Director of Alam Law, a boutique law firm, which he founded in 2009.  He joined Help Me! Projects because he strongly believes that people who are blessed must not forget the underprivileged.  The causes taken up by Help Me! Projects have fascinated him and has drawn him closer to this organization

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