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"you are fortunate but

 are theyAS FORTUNATE?" 

As a Canadian you are the most blessed to have access to a health care system which sees no discrimination and is provided to all alike with no “rich” and “poor” status attached to it.

Please stop, reflect and picture a hospital “back home”! The image should be enough to spur you to action.

Donate generously. As a matter of routine allot a portion of your Annual Zakat to Help Me! Projects.  

For cash and cheque donations please get in touch with:

Shabina Arfeen : 416.825.6597

Become a Board Member



Help Me! Projects is seeking to fill some positions on its Board. The criteria to become a Board Member is to qualify for a minimum of 3 of the specifications below:

  • Willing to meet twice a month for approximately 2 hours

  • Some work experience

  • Creative fundraising ideas

  • Excellent communication skills

  • Marketing Skills

  • Accounting background

  • Health Care background


Candidates who are interested may please get in touch with:


Shabina Arfeen at 416.825.6597.

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